Explant Surgery (Implant Removal)

Members of the American Board of Plastic Surgery performed more than 300,000 cosmetic breast augmentations in 2017 making it the most popular cosmetic surgery for the 11th year straight. While breast augmentation is still trending as the most sought after procedure in 2019 there is a small percentage of patients seeking explant, commonly known as implant removal.

Explant surgery can be performed by any ASPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. The surgery takes on average two hours and is an out patient surgery. You will return home the same day after a short recovery period. A small incision along the scar created during the original surgery will be made, the implant will be removed and a Capsulectomy performed when necessary.

A Capsulectomy is the removal of the scar tissue that forms around an implant. Full recovery for Explant patients is approximately 4 weeks.  Most women are happy with the end result after the breast tissue contracts. If the patient has significant ptosis or drooping of the breast after explant surgery they may consider having a Mastopexy or breast lift after 90 days.


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