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CryoCorrect Treatment

Despite our best efforts, time and exposure to the elements take a toll on our skin. It is never too early to pause, evaluate, and make a plan to improve your skin and curb further damage. There are a number of treatments and products available on the market that target everything from dull complexions to…

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Why is sunscreen so important?

Why is sunscreen so important? Protection from sunburn and skin cancer  is not the most important reason for wearing sunscreen. You want to reduce damage from the sun. Your skin can be harmed by constant sun exposure, whether or not you see a burn. Remember, sunburn is an immediate reaction, but damage from the sun occurs over…

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Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier

The Plastic Surgery Group welcomes the newest weapon in our arsenal of products to combat aging skin. H.A. Intensifier is a product that uses Hyaluronic Acid to assist in the skins correction process, giving marked improvement to the overall look of firmness, smoothness and facial fullness. A “powerful natural humectant” is what gives Hyaluronic Acid…

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Microneedling Is Sweeping The Nation

Microneedling is sweeping the nation with its ability to promote new skin growth with minimal healing time. This controlled method of wounding the skin triggers the release of natural growth factors, mainly collagen, and elastin. Lasers, dermal rolling or other ablative skin treatments can cause damage to the epidermis, while Microneedling enhances the skin’s repair…

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Get Your Glow back

Is your skin lacking its luster?  Do your fine lines and wrinkles look more apparent as we head into the cooler months?  Let us introduce you to Alastin.  This innovative skincare line was designed specifically for physicians, primarily plastics surgeons. As we age, our skin loses its “primary structural components” meaning, elastin and collagen. These…

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