Elegant lady in Santa hat and sexy dress taking selfie on New Year's eve 2021, red background. Panorama

The new year was met with unbridled enthusiasm by most, celebrating what they assumed would be a great year. 2020, we could see it so clearly, all the trappings of a phenomenal new decade. Then March rolled around, COVID hit and a pandemic left us paralyzed. Businesses and borders closed, people were furloughed, children were home 24/7, BUT we acclimated to the new norm, because we are resilient!

We found family, nature, board games, and ZOOM. We binge watched movies while binge eating. We dressed from the waist up for video conferences and we realized COVID 19 is REAL.

Perhaps a surprising development during these events is the uptick in cosmetic procedures.  While plastic surgeons were open through the ‘shut down’, providing essential care for patients, practices flourished when elective surgery was allowed to resume as patients aspired to enhance their looks.  We don’t like what we see and we’re doing something about it!  Why not…we’re home, so we can recover, we’re wearing masks, so we can conceal facial procedures and we’re saving money because we have nowhere to go!  Eyelid surgery, neck lifts, facelifts and injectable procedures are all on the rise as we’re forced to view ourselves on a forward facing laptop, angled upward. Liposuction, tummy tucks and body contouring are also in demand to combat the COVID ‘spread’.

If you’ve ever considered a procedure now may be the time to investigate your options. The Plastic Surgery Group offers complimentary consultations at three convenient locations in the Tristate area including Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and West Chester with five experienced surgeons to take care of all your cosmetic needs.  Schedule a consult today and prepare to ring in 2021 with gusto!