Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Who doesn’t want to look great at any age? And with today’s plastic surgery techniques and the amazing doctors here at TPSG, you can have the beauty and body you’ve always wanted. Plastic surgery abroad can be an option with great results, but like all major decisions, it is important to do your homework when choosing a board certified plastic surgeon. You wouldn’t want to travel out of the country for your drinking water? Why would you travel for plastic surgery? If you are considering having plastic surgery overseas, here are a few things to think about before you hop on that flight!


  • Girl, Do your Homework! I know when I had to have heart surgery; I made sure I found the best doctor in town! I knew where he had gone to school, where he did his internships, what he specialized in, and what previous patients said about him. I wanted to be his best friend! I was not going to compromise my health and well being just for a more cost friendly option. So, when it comes to plastic surgery, you should always know your doctor and establish a relationship with him or her. Why would you allow someone you have never met to alter your appearance? Your relationship with your doctor is built on trust; they should make you feel comfortable and confident in your decision when you walk out the door. Here at TPSG, our doctors and nurses are always here to help ease your fears and answer your questions. There is a doctor on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Money, Money, Money! Why spend more on flights, hotels and extra care to go overseas when you can come to The Plastic Surgery Group and sleep in your own bed during recovery! I know I have to have my own pillow when I am sick or had surgery, so I would much rather stay close to home. What if there is a complication and you are on a long flight? Who will care for you when you come home? What will the extra cost be and who will be responsible? When you come in for your complimentary cosmetic consultation, you will leave here knowing exactly what your monetary responsibility is and the time frame that it is due. There are no hidden fees or add on costs for post surgery care! If you’re traveling locally, we have arranged special rates for our patients at hotels convenient to all three of our offices, so check out our concierge page for details.

Save your travel plans for a real vacation!  Come in and get summer ready with $1000 off a tummy tuck or a $4,900 all-inclusive breast augmentation at The Plastic Surgery Group. Call now for your complimentary consultation, 513 791 4440. We look forward to hearing from you.