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Who better to fill you in on what it’s really like to have a procedure performed at The Plastic Surgery Group? Here at TPSG, our staff has had just about every procedure, laser, injectable and skincare treatment offered. As a member of the staff, I have always been eager to share my experiences with whoever was curious. Let’s hear from some staff members about their experiences and if they would do it all over again. A big thank you to our team members for their candid answers!

Q.) What were you most anxious about before your consultation and/or surgery?

A.) Before the consult I was most anxious about being examined. It’s something I had been so self conscious about my entire adult life and having a doctor (my boss) look at me, measure me, and take photos made me feel very vulnerable.
Before surgery I was most anxious about the actual surgery. Being put under general anesthesia made me nervous because I had never had surgery before and didn’t know how I would react. Turns out I was nervous for no reason – everything went just fine!

Q.) How did you choose between silicone and saline?

A.) I have had both. My first surgery was in 2004, and the FDA had a ban on silicone implants, so my only option was saline. Once the ban was lifted in 2007, I had my implants exchanged to silicone in 2008.
I personally like silicone better than saline. Silicone feels better, looks more natural and feels more natural. I had my first child while I had saline implants. I didn’t breastfeed, but my breasts changed and almost looked flat even with my saline implants.
I had my implants exchanged before I had my second child, did not breast feed my second baby either and my breasts changed again, however, once my body got back to “normal” my breasts looked almost like they did the day I had them put in. With saline implants, I could feel the implant move around. Silicone, I can’t tell I have anything foreign in my body.

Q.) The day of surgery, what was the process like?

A.) I went to the surgery center, they had me change into a gown and put my belongings in a bag. Next, the doctor came in, talked me through what was about to happen and then marked me for surgery. I was hooked up to an IV and wheeled into surgery. The anesthesiologist talked to me for a second and asked me to count backwards from 10 – I remember him putting a rubber mask on my face and I counted to eight and I was out!

Q.) Waking up from surgery, how did you feel?

A.) When I woke up from surgery, I felt really sleepy. I had my dressings and sports bra on, and I felt a heavy feeling, like something was sitting on my chest. I remember waking up (after surgery) and hearing the doctor’s voice, but I was really groggy and tired and I didn’t know what he was saying. I was in recovery for awhile, and I was wheeled out by a nurse and put into my car. I was a little nauseous on the drive home and any bump in the road made me a little sore, but it was nothing I couldn’t tolerate.

Q.) How many days after surgery did it take for you to feel back to normal?

A.) It took about five days total to feel back to normal. I had my surgery on a Thursday and I went back to work on Tuesday. Three days after surgery I went to the movies. The first time I drove was a little hard because I was still sore and turning the steering wheel took some time getting used to. Overall, it was an easy surgery and easy recovery.

Q.) Would you do it again?

A.) Yes! I would definitely do it again, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

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