Minimally Invasive Surgical Approach to Facial Rejuvenation


Today patients seek a method of facial rejuvenation with limited downtime. Accomplishing this is not only the goal of the patient but of the surgeons alike. Though given various names, the ‘lunch time lift’, is a surgical procedure marketed as, “under local anesthesia only”. The goal to look as good as you feel or younger than you actually are, cannot realistically be reached with quick lunch time procedures. The old axiom, you get what you pay for is generally true and these minimally invasive procedures gain only a small degree of facial rejuvenation. Though the look may be a welcomed improvement in the first few months, usually these procedures fail to stand the test of time. Within six months, the skin relaxes too rapidly, failing to meet expectations of patients and physicians alike. While lunch time procedures under local anesthesia may not hold the answer for patients seeking modest facial rejuvenation there are other techniques, short of the classical complete facelift, that can.

All facelift techniques include some form of tightening the facial skin. Facelifts today often focus on specific areas of the face, jawline and neck. Whether the decision is to tighten one or all of these areas, the “naturalness” of the procedure must be paramount. To have a natural look, the results should not leave the patient looking windblown or unnatural. Over the years, these techniques have grown less invasive, resulting in less down time, which allows the patient to return to their lifestyle within a week or so. What’s truly important is selecting a surgical procedure that addresses exactly what you need, with minimal scaring. Ask which, if any of these lifts are right for you. In some cases, it’s possible that non-invasive Botox and/or facial fillers may be all that is required.

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