Let Us Introduce You to LaserCap

With a new FDA-approved technology, 30 minutes a day, three days a week is all it takes to experience hair regrowth. With low-level light therapy (or LLLT), all you have to do is wear a simple, comfortable baseball cap that delivers scalp stimulation to aid in hair regrowth. young-girl

You may be wondering, “Will it burn my scalp? Is there any downtime?” The answer to each of those is no. The laser is considered a “cold” laser and does not generate any heat. There is no downtime or side effects following a treatment – you can simply go about your daily routines and activities! All this makes LLLT one of the hottest new trends on the scene.

Harvard Professor and Dermatology guru Michael Hamblin, Ph.D. says, “More simply put, LLLT improves cellular respiration and this cellular function. Better breathing cells in the hair follicle organ make for a better functioning hair follicle which, in turn, produces a happier, healthier hair!”

An initial assessment conducted by one of our six board-certified plastic surgeons will determine if you are a good candidate for LaserCap. Call 513.791.4440 or click here to schedule a consultation.